Yes, we are turning 30 and we have managed to hire an island for a party!

A big thanks to everyone who made it to help us celebrate our birthday! 
We hope you had a good time.

Rachel tells me she's not going near a canoe for a while.

I have put some photos up on the web.  They are not the best, but hey...
(Next time remind me to not take pictures of everyone when they are in the shade)
[I have hi-res versions (1600x1200) of all these pictures if anyone is interested]

>>>Click here for the photos<<< 

  • Where:  Rodd Island
  • When:  16/02/02 - 11:00am-4pm
  • Transport:  Boat*

Rodd Island is off Rodd Point, between Drummoyne and Lilyfield.
It is within view of the Iron Cove bridge.
[Ref: Map 234:P7 of the UBD]

*Boat will depart (11am) from the wharf next to Leichhardt Oval near the Aquatic Centre.  Parking is available at the oval car park  The boat will make several trips.  
[Ref: UBD 234:P10]

Theme is Hawaiian (naturally).  Bring - loud shirts, sunglasses etc (costumes are not compulsory) and we will try to have some of those drinks with the little umbrellas in.  If you can't manage Hawaiian, "castaway", "pirates", or "gone troppo" themes also work.
Rodd Island is a National Park, so there are strict rules about what we can and can't do.  We must leave the island in exactly the same condition as we found it...(this means taking all rubbish with us, including things like cigarette butts, bottle caps etc.)  We must leave the jetties clear for emergency vehicle access during the day, and have to be off the island before dark
Fire-bans permitting, we will try to have a gas BBQ there - either way, some basic food (sausages, bread, salad etc) will be available.  Feel free to BYO if you want anything more substantial.  Some (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) drinks will be provided, but feel free to BYO (and ice) if you are a big drinker or there is something in particular you fancy.
The island has toilet facilities (lucky-huh?) drinking water, and power (so we should be able to have some music - where did I put those Beach Boys CD's?).  There are also some summer houses, and a hall.
Transport to the island will be by boat. (duh!)  The boat will make several trips, starting at 11am.  There is a public wharf in Leichhardt Park (NOT the rowing club), near the Leichhardt Oval and the Aquatic Centre, and we plan to leave from there.  There is car parking available.  Make your own way to the wharf via car or public transport.  If you need to contact us from the wharf, you can call Mike or Rachel.
[Note: If anyone has a boat license and doesn't mind lending a hand, please let us know]
Birthday gifts are not expected, but a donation (approx $20pp)  toward the hire of the island, boat, and drinks/food etc would be appreciated.
In the case of wet weather, the Hawaiian party will be magically transformed into a MONSOON PARTY!  Bring umbrellas, jackets and water-wings, and prepare for a splashin' good time!!
RSVP - Everyone is welcome, so feel free to bring partners/friends/family/children etc, but please let us know by 09/02/2002 so that we can plan numbers for the boat/food etc.  If you have any questions or need any more information, contact us.

See you there!

Michael, Rachel & Suzanne.